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Garage Door Springs
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Measuring garage door springs

Garage Door SpringsOpening a garage door nowadays is unthinkable without garage door springs.

This part of the system is most mobile and that’s why it’s the first one that gets damaged. The first thing which is very important to know about garage door spring replacement is the size of your garage door. Measuring should be spot on. A few more important factors are how many sections a garage door has, and what are the dimensions of the springs, especially the length and inside diameter of the spring. The most important thing is to determine the wire size. This information is helpful to have when replacement is needed. Measuring must be done by a professional because springs are very powerful and have a huge amount of torque.

Placing garage door springs

Except for the obvious safety precautions, measuring and placing also requires the presence of a professional because the size of garage door springs may differ. They have a bigger length when they are in place and under a load. It is very important to pay attention to placing each spring on the right side. There are two kinds of springs, one is so called “right” and another is “left”, the difference between the two is determined by the direction of the spring. Usually the “left” spring has a counterclockwise direction of the wire. The process of putting a spring in its right place requires fine mechanical adjustments and is very complicated. Indications of an improperly mounted spring are followed by noise and frequent service demands after only a few years of installation. We insist doing the job right the first time and preventing customers from unnecessary service charges.

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